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Agreed & Uncontested Divorce in Travis County

We here at ezOnlineDivorce.com are an experienced group of Texas divorce lawyers and staff who are here to help you through what many have called, "The most difficult and stressful time of their life". With a combined 48 years of handling divorce cases in Travis County, our attorneys have handled everything from the most simple "no property cases", to the most complicated "custody and spousal maintenance" matters.

After years of talking to people who are looking for a way to resolve their divorce in a cost effective manner so they can just "move on" with their lives, we decided to create this site. Understand that neither this site, nor any other, should be considered a substitute for the advice of a competent Texas divorce lawyer. Our goal is to offer you what we consider to be a new and novel alternative to the divorce cost problem. An alternative that will minimize your legal fees, by maximizing what you can do on your own. We hope you find the following to be both helpful and encouraging.

Your Circumstances
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There's really no sense in denying it - whatever the level of complexity of your divorce, most people think the cost of getting a divorce is much more than it should be. And while there are filing fees and court costs, the lion's share of the expenses are usually the attorney's fees. In a case where the attorney's experience is needed, the cost is justified, but if your matter is truly a "simple" matter, the legal fees should reflect that. The biggest factor in keeping your divorce matter simple and inexpensive is the cooperation of both spouses. As long as the parties are working together, we can help you with a friendly suit. A friendly suit is a law suit where the parties are cooperating. Your matter may not be an easy divorce, but if the parties are working together, we can provide you with some affordable options.

"Full-Service" Representation Option

If you're looking for conventional, "full service" representation, our attorneys can handle your case from beginning to end. We will assist and advise you to determine what you need. We'll then prepare the necessary documents and handle all the necessary court appearances. This type of representation is the way attorneys usually handle legal matters. We've streamlined the process of handling the simple, easy divorce, to provide our clients with the best representation possible at the most reasonable fee possible. Use the "Select Divorce Type" form to get more information about the cost and details of your specific case.

Limited, "Pro-Se" Representation Option

If the cost of our "Conventional Representation" option is just a bit more than you can handle, or if you just want to handle some of your case yourself, the "Pro Se" option may be for you. Our divorce lawyers will provide you with up to an hour of time to help you review your options and decide how you want to proceed. We'll professionally prepare your documents and prepare you for each step of the process. You'll be doing it yourself, but you won't be doing it alone. If this option interests you, select "yes" for the "Pro-Se" option in the divorce type box above, and you'll be provided more specific details and cost for your particular circumstances.