What Will It Cost?

If cost is an issue for you, you're on the right website. Our agreed and uncontested divorce package is designed to provide you with the assistance of an attorney and paralegal to ensure your legal questions are answered and your concerns are satisfied. The cost of all our agreed divorce packages will increase along with the complexity of the case. This is the same whether you elect to have a do it yourself (DIY) type package, or conventional, full-service representation. The increase in costs is intended to cover the added time that will be required to handle the increased complexity. The standard cost for DIY representation starts at $450, and increases as additional issues are added. For example, the addition of a home adds $300, and standard child provisions will add an additional $300 to the cost of the case. Of course, not all cases fall into simple, discrete blocks like this. We realize your case may have additional complications that require the assistance and advice of an experienced family law attorney. We can handle even the most complicated of cases, as long as the parties are able to cooperate. Call to talk with one of our attorneys to see how we can help.

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How Long Will It Take?

Texas law provides for a sixty (60) day cooling-off period in the majority of divorce cases. The only exceptions to this waiting period have been carved out by the legislature for matters involving family violence. The waiting period begins at the time a petition for divorce is filed. The waiting period doesn't mean that anything must happen at the sixty (60) day mark, but only that at least sixty (60) days must elapse before a divorce order can be signed by the Court.
Of course, this doesn't mean the matter has to be resolved in sixty days. If you either want your matter to take longer because you need a longer timeframe to cover the fees, or you simply want more time to resolve some of the issues in your case, a longer timeframe is possible.
The timeframe is not unlimited. If the case takes too long to resolve, the court will move to dismiss the case for want of prosecution. So while more than sixty (60) days are available, the time is not unlimited. So timing is also an issue you may want to consult with an attorney about.

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What Is An Agreed Divorce?

An agreed divorce is a case where the parties not only are interested in resolving their case by agreement, but they actually have the details of their case defined, and are in agreement on those details. If the parties are not in agreement on any issue, that issue will have to be decided by a Judge. Of course, there are opportunities as the case develops for the parties to narrow the scope of their differences and possibly reach an agreement. But until every detail of a case is agreed, the matter is not agreed. In other words, it is contested.

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What Do I Need To Do?

The DIY type plan obviously requires that the client do more than the full-service type of arrangement. With the full-service arrangement, the client must provide the firm with the needed information, assist our firm with obtaining the necessary signatures, and appear in court for the final hearing. With the DIY package, the client will have to do these things and also, with the help of our attoreys and paralegals, make arrangements with the court and handle the final court appearance.
Our full-service case is more simple, but if you are willing to get just a bit out of your comfort zone, we can help you with the DIY plan. You will have to do more yourself, but you won't have to do it by yourself.

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